Group Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

with Stoked Yogi founder Amelia Travis

Are you ready to make money doing what you love?

  • Do you want to monetize your dreams and passions?
  • Need help getting clear on niche and reaching your ideal client?
  • Are you showing up online, but not making sales?
  • Or stuck in comparison and failing to gain traction?

If you said yes, I’m your girl.

My four month program is for lady bosses only – creative female entrepreneurs ready to launch their business and monetize their passions.

This program is designed for heart-centered, spirit led women who are ready to quit messing around and start making money. We’re going to make your dreams happen, starting NOW.

What You’ll Learn

  • Business startup essentials
  • Identifying niche, hook, and ideal client
  • How to grow your audience and create engagement
  • Branding to stand out
  • Marketing to connect and convert
  • Sales mindset & strategy
  • Bookkeeping and financial literacy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creating online programs
  • Passive income methods

What’s Included

You’ll have access to live calls, a full business resource library, our private Facebook group, and 1×1 access to Amelia.

  • 1×1 “hot seat” coaching; every client, every call (30 min)
  • 3 ~ 2 hour calls per week; 6 hours weekly intimate live coaching
  • 2 ~ 1×1 calls with Amelia
  • Self-paced access to 30+ video & PDF business education resources in Stoke the Fire Biz Accelerator
  • Online courses: Rock Your Retreat & Posting With Purpose
  • Supportive community of women via private FB group

Already know it’s for you? Book your enrollment call here.

Group Business Coaching Is For You If…

  • You just starting out or struggling to get your business launched.
  • You have the product or service, but feel overwhelmed by everything you need to learn.
  • You’re ready to succeed and make more money in your passions.
  • You thrive with accountability and the support of a community.

Why Now?

Let’s be real. How much longer do you want to stay where you are right now? This time next year, do you want your business dreams to still be dreams? You may never “be ready.” Rip off the bandaid, girl. Pull the trigger. You won’t regret it. NOW is always the perfect time to start.

Why This Program Is Different

Most group coaching is a volume game – 20-50 people on a zoom call, listening to the coach talk about a different topic every week, with a short Q&A after where you MIGHT get a few peoples questions answered. When I decided to group coach, I knew that the impact and power comes from really being seen and heard – so I am bringing the magic I offer in retreats and trainings to my group program. All entrepreneurs are in different places – by accessing the exact education you need via self-paced videos and PDFs, we free up our intimate group coaching time to get 1×1 attention: feedback on your content, offers, and progress. The community of women creates a safe space for honesty, vulnerability, and gives you a success sisterhood of women cheering you on as they navigate the same challenges as you.

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