Moon Medicine Curriculum

Week 1: Feminine Genius

In week one, we’ll reclaim our divine feminine creative power – the non-linear, cyclical, intuitive intelligence which is part of our uniquely female experience. As women, we wear many hats, and in this module we’ll talk about the blessing of being multi-passionate and having many different dharmas (duties) and roles in life. We’ll examine the stories we’ve accepted since childhood about what it means to be a woman, and the ways in which we have allowed those stories to support or oppress our goals and dreams.

Week 2: Womb Wisdom

In week 2, we’ll go deeper into the aspects of femininity which govern our interactions with ourselves and others. We’ll talk about the importance of honoring the yin principle in a mostly yang culture, various ways of honoring and connecting to the divine feminine (goddess work) and explore meditation and journaling practices to embrace our own expression of the shadow. Through womb wisdom work, we’ll consult the inner oracle which resides in the pelvic floor, and consider the connection between passion, pleasure, and personal power, and how orgasmic experience is closely tied in with creativity and well being.

Week 3: Mining Your Mind Gems

Goal digging, baby. Week 3 leads us to destigmatize and devillainize desire, and get up closer and personal with our own definition of success – for life, love, and business. We’ll map out SMART goals and talk about how to identify the ‘big fish’ – the soul dream that you know is calling you, then create measurable steps and accountability plans for getting there.

Week 4: Body Love

Ah, the body. This meat suit we ride around in has so much to do with how we move in the world and find our being. What exists in your body which may hold you back from success? Talking openly about taking inventory of our physical wellness, we will share tangible tactics for finding more rest in the flesh and bones that we call home. Body love is possible. It might take our whole lives to get there, so now is the perfect time to start.

Week 5: Shameless Selfhood

The greatest gift you can give yourself in this life is learning to take up space. People pleasing is a dis-ease which causes anxiety, depression, and stunts your personal and professional growth. In week 7, we’ll talk about finding your voice (for real) and how visibility and vulnerability are like sex: somewhat painful and awkward at first, but once you get the hang of them, you (and everyone else) just can’t get enough of the juicy, raw goodness that is your fully exposed self.

Week 6: Fear & Shame, Hidden Teachers

Recommended Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Week 6 is all about fear – what the F are we really afraid of? Failure? Or our failure being seen? In order to succeed at anything, we’ve got to fall flat on our faces a few times. We’ll circle up on regret, fear of death, the purpose of fear and how we can use it as a guidepost towards the things that feel like freedom. In a safe and sacred space, we’ll figure out what fear is driving us, then kick it to the passenger seat and get ready to fly.

Week 7: Master Your Money, Honey

Recommended Reading: (Money, A Love Story and You Are a Badass At Making Money)

What’s your money story? As women, developing a healthy relationship with money is essential to feeling empowered and free – too often, we’re stuck in fear, lack, or uncertainty with money management. Wellness without wealth is incomplete, because the stress of being in financial bondage affects every aspect of our lives. With guest guide and fierce feminine financial guru Linda Tate, we’ll talk all things moola and how to master the alchemy of an abundance mindset (without all the new age fluffy bullshit that makes you want to scream).

Week 8: Baiting the Big Fish: Meaningful Marketing through Generous Giving
We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive, but in this module we’ll talk about how to effortlessly give from your authentic knowledge and experience so that you can receive the life changes, clients, income, and blessings that you deeply desire. We’ll talk about content creation as an act of self-expression and self-discovery, and how to build a communication style and branding presence where all roads lead back to the intersection of your gifts and needs.

Week 9: Success Is Spiritual: Aligning with Truth & Freedom
Experiencing doubt, lack of faith, or dark nights of the soul are part of the journey to growth and expansion. For years, I believed the blessings of the universe were for everyone else… but not for me. It wasn’t until I shifted perspective and yielded to receiving that things started to flow in my business and life. In this module, we’ll examine the stories we’ve written about what goodness is allowed in our lives – on all levels – then invite a meditation and connection with the divine to invite surrender to blessings.

Week 10: Graceful Growth & the Stages of Change
Nothing is constant but change. It’s okay and it’s HUMAN to recognize that we don’t live in permanent state of expansion. Everything needs rest in order to continue growing. In this week, we’ll look at navigating change gracefully from perspectives of Maslow’s self-actualization, chakra ascension, and how to proceed when it feels like life is an uphill battle. A meditation of forgiveness (self and others) will help clear the path and allow us to rest in the exact place where we are right now.

Week 11: Reflect, Re-Imagine, Renew & Restore
Ever heard that hindsight is 20/20? This week, we’ll look back at our initial desires, goals, and visions to affirm how powerful changes have taken place which support these dreams. We’ll do a deep dive guided meditation to uncover any remaining obstacles (doubt, fear, old stories) which may stand in the way, before daring to play bigger with a powerful bhavanization practice to set our intentions for the future.

Week 12: Sparkle Time! Show & Tell, Shine & Share
There is nothing quite so powerful as the support of a group of sisters when it comes to bringing visions to life. In week 12, each woman will get to share share with the group your reflection on the past twelve weeks, as well as where you’re headed. Each woman will be given space and time to voice her experience, reveal the magic she’s brewing for herself and her community, and be supported as we move into the world to bring our gifts to life.