Conscious Communication

Rise to Thrive Episode 5: Conscious Communication

Ever find yourself having the SAME discussions, conversations, and arguments over and over with your partner, loved ones, or colleagues?

Banging your head against the wall in frustration at what you hoped would be a productive talk, but ended up devolving into a frustrating encounter in which it felt like you just weren’t heard?

Going down the rabbit hole of shame, blame, guilt, and finger pointing when all you wanted to do was solve a simple problem?

Answer yes to any of the above?

If so, it’s official:

You’re a human.

Communication is challenging. Learning how to speak so others listen and learning how to listen so that others speak is part art, part science, and it often feels, part luck.

In this episode, we explore what it means to become a conscious communicator: how to fight fair, express desires and boundaries, learn and communicate via love languages, and gain awareness through shadow communication.

We also open up about our own relationships (love, family, work, friendships) and what we’ve found is helpful for building healthy, positive communication… most of the time.

Expect a lot of laughs, a little TMI, and a whole bunch of insights around your own communication style, as well as clear, actionable tips and techniques for creating healthier communication in all your relationships.

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