Living With Intention

Living with Intention

Rise to Thrive Podcast Episode 4

There’s one magic ingredient you need to have if you’re going to be successful in life: intention.

Without clear intention, your resolutions, goals, and decisions are powerless.

In this episode, we’re diving into how to avoid the New Year’s resolution hangover (not the booze hangover, we can’t help ya with that.)

But we WILL help you avoid setting lofty goals and giving up on them mere weeks or days later by giving you powerful tools to tune back into your deepest desires daily and set realistic action plans to turn your goals into reality.

We’ll share how to practically cultivate awareness, observe thoughts, make friends with feelings, meditate (even if you suck at it), and make conscious choices to enjoy yourself more, moment to moment.


Check back after January 8, 2019 for a BONUS episode and free meditation with Linda!

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