Meet Rise to Thrive Co-Host Linda Tate

Rise to Thrive Podcast Episode 6: “Hi, Linda!”

Ever meet one of those people who makes everything more fun – who lifts you up and makes you smile until your cheeks hurt?

That’s Linda Tate.

I love Linda Tate. This woman has taught me (and continues to teach me) SO much about personal development, spirituality, and finance – but more than anything she teaches me about FUN.

If you don’t know Linda yet… buckle up baby and get ready to take a Sunday cruise to Lindaville.

Meet Rise to Thrive Co-Host Linda Tate

In this episode, Linda shares what brought us together for the podcast, her top tips to get more empowered in your finances right now, a stellar selection of KFM (kill – F – marry if ya don’t know, now ya know) and keeps it real with her fave throwback jamz.

If you DO know Linda, well then tune in – you’re about to get to know her a lot better. We talk alcohol abuse, bulimia, gender disparity in policing (and what got her arrested at 16) and some powerful words to live by.

Can’t get enough of Ms. Tate? Drop back in for her bonus meditation on Monday, Jan 21 and get your head aligned so you can rise to thrive.

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