6 Best Sports Bras for Buxom Babes

For all my big boob babes out there, buying a sports bra can be quite a chore. It used to be that most athletic companies designed for small to medium chest sizes, and the curvy ladies get left with uninspired grandma style bras. One common complaint is when bras have straps that cut deeply into shoulders and cause major discomfort, even tension headaches. But help is here! I literally live in sports bras – like, I wear two a day, every day. So I decided to compile a list of the 6 best sports bras for buxom babes – links to purchase are included to make your life a little easier. The girls deserve to be comfy, you know?

1. Handful Bra

I love love love this bra. It’s my number one choice right now for pretty much all activities – it’s so comfortable, I have even slept in it! It offers medium support and is very fast drying, so it’s good for hot yoga, paddling, and it comfortable and cute enough to wear alone.

The ruching on the front is very flattering, and the fabric is soft and moves with you. Bonus: it comes in a rainbow of colors! Extra bonus: I hear smaller chested ladies love it too: in the photo above, all four of us are wearing it!

 $34.50 ~ Shop the Handful Bra on Amazon ~ Handful New Adjustable Sports Bra MADE in the USA

2. Energy bra by Lululemon

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I know Lululemon doesn’t have the best reputation, but this bra has been my standby for three years, and I just can’t let it go. The energy bra is great for when you need more support – I like it for jogging, and it also has more coverage so you reduce the risk of nip slip and side boob. It’s not the fastest drying, but the antimicrobial fabric means you (hopefully) won’t smell too rank as you transition from the gym or studio to the street. Lastly, this bra will last. Like I said, I have had one for three years and it’s still going strong – which is good, I like to get my money’s worth!

$48.00 ~ Shop the Energy bra on Amazon ~Lululemon Pink Lemonade Energy Bra *Exhale

3. Aria Bra by ALO Yoga

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This bra is so pretty. It makes me feel like an elegant fairy. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel beautiful when they’re working out? I think this bra is best for yoga or lounging – it offers light support, but the wide band below the breasts keeps it in place and also gives a slimming effect if you’re rocking it sans tank. It makes my boobs look good, and I like that. 

$54.00 ~ Shop the Aria bra on Amazon ~ Alo Yoga Women’s Aria Bra

4. Action Sports Bra by Glyder

This bra offers a great balance of strength and beauty. It’s pretty snug with moderate coverage, and it doesn’t shift or slide during my practice, making it a great choice for the studio. The lace is a nice touch if you want to skip an over layer, and it comes in four color ways – my fave is the light blue.

$46.00 ~ Shop the Action Sports Bra on Amazon ~ Glyder Women’s Action Sports Bra

5. Sea Breeze by Valleau Apparel

I like this bra because the back design is a little different than most and it feels good on my neck – it doesn’t strain or pull the way some others do. It’s also nice to mix it up when I teach SUP yoga so I don’t end up with crazy tan lines. The Valleau fabric is great for wet and dry, so this is another awesome choice for sweaty hot yoga, paddle sports, or a spin class.


6. Sleeveless Crop Top by Onzie

When you “just say no” to wearing a bra, this crop top is the perfect alternative. It gives enough coverage for the tatas while still letting them feel free. I am loving the olive color for fall, and the black is a great standby.


I am always on the hunt for new bras that feel good on my body! I would love to hear your favorite choices for buxom babes – leave a comment or connect with me on Instagram and let me know!

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