Business Coaching for Yoga & Wellness Entreprenuers 

Since 2017, I’ve helped over a thousand multi-passionate, yoga and wellness oriented, creative women entrepreneurs overcome doubt, fear, and insecurities and move from surviving to thriving in life and heart-centered businesses. Coaching supports personal and professional transformation by co-creating a vibration of YES, from one multi-passionate yoga professional to another.

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Not Just Yes, But

Coaching for Women Yoga & Wellness Entrepreneurs

You’ve got big dreams, goals, and desires. You want to:

  • Create a high ticket offering that aligns with your purpose and generates thousands in profit.
  • Know your worth so you can embrace your role as a leader in local and digital communities.
  • Streamline your services with fluid, sustainable online systems that empower you to serve your clients with grace and ease.
  • Show up vulnerable, authentic, and raw, in the fullness of you are – and be valued ($$$) for it!
  • Enjoy more freedom and greater income without endless hardship and heartache.

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But right now, too often you find yourself:

  • Cobbling together an unsustainable, unpredictable income, nickel and diming your way to success.
  • Spinning your wheels on your “big dreams” – not getting traction, events aren’t booking, or fear keeps blocking your path.
  • Triggered and jealous of other high-vibe entrepreneurs making money online through the art of soulful sales.
  • Agonizing over marketing, sharing yourself in half-truths, because you aren’t sure if YOU are what people want.
  • Pouring your energy into the grind of day to day business, but missing the boat on your soul calling.

You feel stuck right now, but you’re ready to say

Results and Transformation

Coaching isn’t about telling you how to run your business or your life. It’s about supporting your journey of self-inquiry, visualization, activation and implementation by reminding you that you already have all the tools you need to create the business and life you imagine.

Through one on one coaching, we’ll work towards a holistic expression of success for your business and life and help you to:

  • Find your power and uncover your gifts
  • Define, refine, and align your personal brand
  • Clarify your vision and goals
  • Master your money & pump up profits
  • Expand your reach and increase online visibility
  • Take decisive action
  • Align spiritually, grow personally & professionally
  • Develop leadership confidence and cultivate self-love

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Growing Pains of Female Entrepreneurs

As women, we wear many hats: daughter, wife, sister, mother, nurturer, teacher, friend, student, business owner, spiritual seeker. Juggling the complexities of daily life is hard, and growing a heart-centered business can feel like a lonely uphill battle.

Many women I know (myself included) are continually challenged by comparison, competition, impostor syndrome, and the recurring doubt that we simply aren’t enough. We can see how other people deserve success and abundance, but struggle to recognize our own value and worth.

Over the past seven years of growing my business and personal brand, I’ve shed countless tears as I struggled to realize my worth both personally and professionally. It seemed like there was always someone prettier, thinner, smarter, wealthier, or more popular who was doing the same thing as me. I found myself spinning in circles, excited about so many business ideas but stuck in the paralysis of not knowing which direction to go first.

It’s normal to feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed by the scope of your business goals and dreams, especially when you’re going at it solo. We’re hardwired to thrive on community and connection… we aren’t meant to grow alone!  

Coaching creates time for YOU and you alone.

Where Hustle Meets Align

Some coaches will tell you that once you’re “aligned,” you won’t have to hustle. I disagree. Success – in most forms – requires a certain commitment, dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm – combine those elements and boil it down to the simple concept of “hustle.” Alignment is the state of flow, the alchemy of an abundance mindset, and a conscious willingness to receive the blessings which the universe has in store for you. The magic happens where hustle meets align.

Coaching: What You Get

  • Weekly or Biweekly Coaching Calls: One on one attention to your biz and brand, to create success on your schedule
  • ‘Deep Dive’ Strategy Sessions: Ninety minute intensives when you need them most
  • Breakthrough Support: On demand text, email, and DM – get tech or emotional support ASAP
  • Clear Profit Plan: Visualize and reverse engineer exactly how you want your business to feel, and make a plan to get there
  • Business Accelerator: Self paced course with 60+ video and PDF resources to support your foundations, branding, marketing, sales, social media growth, website development, etc..
  • Relatable Tech Support: Avoid overwhelm with clear how-to for web, email marketing and social
  • Loving Yourself More: Together we’ll cultivate clarity, confidence, and the consistent awareness that you can only give away the love that you have for yourself. Part of coaching is learning to say “I love you, but I love ME more.”

Rates & Investment

I know that growth happens at all stages, so I have coaching programs for every step of the way. Book a free call to get more details on rates and figure out which program will best support your needs.

Private Coaching: starts at $5500

Complimentary Alignment Call

Coaching is a two-way street. We gotta love each other to be aligned in co-creating a vibration of YES and opening the doors to your own unique version of success. This free 45 minute alignment call is to see how we vibe, to distill your big goals, and to set up what the next three steps would be towards achieving them if we decide to work together.

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