#MermaidYogis Day 24 Wide Leg Seated Forward Fold

We are headed into the last week of the #MermaidYogis challenge, and it’s time to start getting upside down! One of the most important preparations for inversions is stretching the hamstrings, which can be done quite nicely with a wide leg forward fold, called Upavistha Konasana in Sanskrit.

Wide Leg Forward Fold


Wide Leg Seated Forward Fold

  1. Sit down with legs extended in front of you.
  2. Open legs into a wide straddle, keeping feet engaged with knees and toes pointing towards the sky.
  3. Inhale and lengthen through the crown of the head, sitting up tall.
  4. Exhale and begin to hinge forward at the hips. If possible, come down onto forearms while keeping the spine long.
  5. Inhale and pause, lengthening spine. Exhale and allow yourself to fold forward further. Repeat this process, inhaling to lengthen, exhaling to fold, for five to ten breaths.
  6. For less challenge, stay sitting upright. For more challenge, bring the entire torso onto the earth.
  7. You may choose to add a shoulder opener, interlacing fingers behind you and pressing palms together, reaching hands towards the sky as you fold forward.

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