First time practicing yoga on the water? Here are answers to frequently asked questions about SUP Yoga.

Will I get wet?

Yes! You may not fall in, but water can lap up over the edges of the board and it’s best to dress accordingly. We encourage you to be willing to get wet – the more open you are, the more fun you will have! Bring a towel or change of clothes for after class in case you do get soaked.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes. We require that participants have swimming ability for the safety of all students. We provide life jackets for all participants, and if you’re not a confident swimmer,  you may choose to wear the floatation device throughout class. You may also choose to book a private lesson if you are not a strong swimmer.

What should I wear?

Wear something that you can get wet in. Dry-fit clothing works wear, like what you would wear to a hot yoga class. Swimwear is ok when the weather is warm, but remember that your yoga practice will have you moving around, so make sure you have adequate coverage in your bikini or swimsuit. Avoid cotton and baggy clothing. You may wish to bring a hat, and of course make sure you wear sunscreen! We have extra if you forget.

How long is class? Do I need to arrive early?

Our paddle board yoga classes are ninety minutes, but we suggest you block two hours to give yourself time to arrive and park, and time to chat with your instructor after class. Arriving 5-10 minutes before class starts will help ensure that we get to enjoy the most time on the water!

Can I bring a camera?

We will take photos for you so you don’t have to! It’s best if you leave all valuables behind, and simply take time to enjoy your practice. Photos will be posted after class via the Stoked Yogi FaceBook, or sent via Google Drive for private lessons.

What if it rains?

In the event of inclement weather, your instructor will contact you at least one hour before class to notify you of any cancellation. If it’s just gray, we will paddle anyway. If there’s thunder and lightning, it’s a no-go. High winds are also a cause for cancellation. In the event that Stoked Yogi cancels your class, we will gladly reschedule you or provide a refund if preferred.

Where should I park?

Oceanside Harbor: 1540 Harbor Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054. Park near the harbor office and walk across the street to the small craft launch dock.

Carlsbad Lagoon: 4700 Bayshore Dr. Carlsbad, CA. Park at end of Bayshore drive cul-de-sac. Meet us on the beach!

Mission Bay, San Diego: 3209 Gleason Rd, San Diego, CA 92109. Park in Ventura Cove parking and meet us at the far end of the beach near the public bathrooms.

Do you have storage for my valuables?

It’s best if you leave most items in your car as Stoked Yogi will not be responsible for items left on the dock or beach. You may give your keys to our staff or lock them in our van during your class. If you’d like to bring a water bottle with you, that’s always a good idea!