200 Hour Spirit Led Yoga FAQ

  1. What are my lodging options?

The Shared Room is for anyone who is open to sharing a bedroom and bathroom with other people. You will share a room with two twin beds, and an adjoining bathroom with another room (4 people total to a bathroom.) If you are traveling alone, you are welcome to book this option; we will place you with another student. If you are traveling with a friend and you want to book this option, please let us know so we can assure you’re all placed in the same room. This option is $4,395 USD per person.

The Semi-Private Room and bath is a shared room with one twin and one double bed. The room has its own bathroom, so you only share bath with one other person. This option is $4,695 USD per person.

The Private Room is for ONE person only. We only have 2 of these available on a first come, first serve basis. This option is $5,795 per person. .

If you live nearby and do not need accommodations, you may choose to bring your own meals and pay tuition only, $2495,  or you may choose to include tuition and meals for $2995.

2. What does this training cover?

This training is broken down into three primary modules. Each module will also include online work which should be completed prior to training. Each module will be 5-6 days long.

Module 1: Yoga and the Body
Module 2: Yoga and the Mind
Module 3: Yoga and Spirit

Below are some of the topics we will cover during this training: 
Asana Practice & Teaching: Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative
Meditation & Prayer
Anatomy and Physiology: Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Respiratory systems
Introduction to Safe Adjustments and Assisting
Yoga History and Philosophy
Teaching Special Populations
Sequencing and Modifications
Sacred Texts and Scriptures
Ayurveda & Healthy Lifestyle
Deepening Faith: Gifts of the Spirit
Build a Yoga Business

3. Is this program approved by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, Stoked Yogi and the Spirit Led Yoga track are certified with Yoga Alliance as a RYS-200. This means that upon completion and passing of all exams, we will give you a certificate and instructions to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200.

4. How many people will be in this training?

This training will be capped at thirty two residential students and eighteen commuters for a maximum of fifty students.

5. Will I have down time to relax during the training?

We are condensing a lot of information into a 17 day immersion, so it will be highly structured and full days of learning. You will have extended meal breaks three times per day, as well as a study hour which can be used for rest. Sundays will be a half day so you have some time to rest and rejuvenate – optional field trip to the beach will be available on Sunday afternoons.

6. I am traveling to training. What do I need to know? Do I need to rent a car?

We will provide airport shuttle from Fort Lauderdale airport for arrival and departure.

Once you arrive on site, you should not need a rental car. There is a Publix grocery store about a half mile from Casa San Carlos, which is walkable in case you need to pick up toiletries, snacks, or anything else from the market.

7. What will the food be like?

Our onsite chef at Casa San Carlos will be preparing fresh, vegetarian meals three times per day (vegan option available). The kitchen houses gluten, nut, and soy products. If you have food allergies or specific restrictions, please inform us in your student details questionnaire. You may also use the kitchen facilities to prepare food if you want something other than what is being served.

8. What if I’m new to yoga? Can I still attend?

Yes. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome to attend this training. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for one month or twenty years, our doors are open for you. We expect a range of students – some who have business goals with teaching, others deepening their own practice, and some already certified yoga teachers who are looking to enhance the spiritual component of their teaching. This curriculum will build from the ground up.

9. What if I have already completed a 200 hour teacher training?

You are still welcome to attend and will certainly learn a new approach to teaching yoga from a Spirit Led perspective. It is common for yoga teachers to take multiple certifications – in fact, lead trainer Amelia has completed three different certification programs and multiple continuing education events. You learn something new every time!

10. Will this training include a SUP Yoga certification?

No, the Stoked Yogi SUP Yoga certification is a completely separate program. However, as alumni of the 200 hour training, you will receive 15% off tuition on Stoked Yogi programs, and may attend any upcoming SUP Yoga teacher training.

11. I’m not a Christian.  Can I still attend this training?

YES YES YES! The purpose of Spirit Led Yoga is to facilitate connection between the human and the divine. No matter what your belief system is, we welcome you to come and explore diving deeper into Spirit. Though we will include many teachings from the BIble and Christianity, they are never meant to alienate but rather to demonstrate the parallels between sacred yoga scripture and the holy scriptures of the Bible. We believe that God is love, and our hope in this training is to equip and empower more teachers to teach from a place of spirit filled love.

12. Do I need to bring my own yoga mat, strap, and block?

Yes. Please review the packing list to be sure you have everything you need. If you forget something or are unable to travel with it, please let us know. We will have a few extra mats, straps, blocks, and props available for purchase.