Top Ten Beauty Products for Winter

Winter is coming. (I love Game of Thrones.)

Winter is coming, and with it the cold temperatures and wet – then – dry weather that can reek havoc on skin and hair. It’s also the holiday season, and a time that we want that extra sparkle and shine in our lives.

top ten beauty products winter 2016

This winter,  I’m stoked to have built a beauty arsenal that I actually love. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s hard for me to find beauty products that aren’t super chemical-laden*, feel and smell nice, and are not insanely expensive. When I do find them, I’m kind of obsessed and want to share them with everyone I know! Obviously, if you have the time and resources, you can make a LOT of beauty products yourself with natural, organic ingredients that you can find in the kitchen. But let’s be honest, some of us just don’t have time for all that.

Whether you’re just replenishing your bathroom cabinet or buying stocking stuffers for a loved one, these are some awesome items to add to your supply! Here’s my top ten beauty product picks for winter 2016.

*Editor’s Note: Items which we feel are natural/organic are marked with a star – not all items in this list qualify as such, but we like them anyway!

1.Buddha Bliss Natural Deodorant*

buddha bliss natural deodorantFirst, let me say this: I am not sure where to direct you to buy this exact product online. And for that, I am deeply, deeply sorry. I have used every natural deodorant in the book, and been sorely disappointed time after time, as I continue to smell like a wild hippie woman. The first time I smeared the lavender scented paste onto my not-so-fresh pits, Buddha Bliss changed that and I haven’t looked back!

It’s an organic, natural deodorant made with coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, arrowroot, and essential oils. (Want to make your own? Get a recipe from Wellness Mama here.) Literally, I put it on and do not smell at all for close to 48 hours. Why am I not showering for 48 hours? That’s a subject for a different blog post.

Since it’s completely useless to tell you about the amazing, life changing deodorant I found and NOT give you an option of what to purchase, try Primal Pit Paste – a good alternative that has similar ingredients and rave reviews. And I promise, as soon as I can find the creator of the Buddha Bliss deodorant, we will be selling it in the shop right here on the website.

2. Colorescience Illuminating Serum & Pressed Mineral Illuminator in Morning Glow

Winter is the time for shine – the time when everything is illuminated, glittering and sparkling and glowing.

colorescience holiday shine

These two products are perfect for getting that sweet, shimmery, dewey shine that makes you feel radiant and magical, and ready to rock your holiday parties with confidence! The illuminating serum can be used as a base layer (below makeup) on the face and neck, but I usually apply it last so you can really see the shine. The morning glow pressed illuminator is similar to a blush, but it’s fantastic because you can use it as a blush, bronzer, or eyeshadow, and it gives a subtle shimmer and shine that is irresistible.

3. Born Skincare “The Source” Grapeseed Oil*

I have been using this stuff for months, and meaning to write a review, but haven’t done it yet, and my oil is almost all gone!!

born skincare

The main ingredient here, purple muscadine oil, has more antioxidants than any other grape. I like this oil because it’s really nourishing and moisturizing for my face, but doesn’t clog pores or leave me feeling greasy. My other go-to is organic coconut oil, but sometimes that leaves me a bit greasy. No grease here! I use this oil morning and night, and definitely notice my skin looking and feeling more glowy. They have two versions – one for sensitive skin if you’re like me and have fair skin that gets red easily. Dig it!

4. Bonacure Hairtherapy “Repair Rescue”

My incredible, amazing hair stylist Janelle Palmer (find her at Millicent & Co. in La Mesa, CA) turned me onto this product to help with my surfer girl – rats nest – crazy damaged hair and it is INCREDIBLE.

Not only does it smell lovely, it detangles, defrizzes, and smoothes my hair, whether I have it styled curly or straight, and is basically the one hair product I would choose if I had to pick just one. Caveat here: I make no representations about this stuff being natural or organic. Quite the opposite. It’s probably a chemical disaster, but I gotta tell you: my hair looks amazing.


5. Pacifica Luminizing Body Butter in Coconut Crushed Pearl

I love Pacifica. I just freaking love them. All their products are vegan, and they make the best damn makeup and skin care that feels super luxurious without petroleum, parabens, or phthalates (yay!).

pacifica lotion

A little mica goes a long way in this lotion, and will leave you shimmery and shiny for your holiday adventures. Bonus? My husband says it smells so good, he wants to eat me. Win!

6. Peppermint Essential Oil*

Nothing says holiday season like the scent of peppermint – reminiscent of candy canes, peppermint ice cream, and my personal fave the peppermint mocha.

peppermint oil

Peppermint essential oil has a wide range of therapeutic uses, everything from tummy ailments to curing headaches to a stimulant effect that’s almost as good as a cup of coffee! And you guys know I LOVE me some coffee. Even better, inhaling peppermint oil vapor can help a lot with nasty winter colds and coughs. Plus, it just feels holiday-ish. When choosing a peppermint oil, consider what you’ll be using it for, as they range widely from inexpensive (like Aura Cacia which is not recommeded for ingestion but great for making lotion, etc.) to therapeutic grade ingestible oil like this one from Nature’s Own Essence.

winter goodies

7. Truself Organics Detoxifying Mask*

This is one of those products that was sent to me as an influencer, and I figured I would try it since it was free. I’m now a paying customer, and a total convert to this mask. I like to use a mask maybe once per month, especially if I have a big event, party, or photo shoot and I want to feel like a million bucks. One of my favorite things about this mask is it’s literally the before and after effect when you use it – one usage and your skin will look radiant, fresh, and like you just shed three layers of skin (which maybe you did). Pores will look smaller and your skin will feel baby smooth. Just try it, it’s awesome.

8. Glitter Sparkle Nail Polish

To me, nothing says holiday season like a glittery manicure. I’m on a budget these days, and not trying to spend a bunch of money on getting my nails did, but I picked up a cute glittery polish for a few bucks at the store, and it just feels so fun and festive wearing it! I chose a rainbow glitter, but you can also snag this adorable winter wonderland-y polish from OPI which looks like it would be gorgeous over a pastel polish.

9. Tisserand Aromatherapy Travel Kit*

I was gifted this aromatherapy travel kit for my birthday (thanks Vitamin Linda!) and immediately packed it in my travel beauty bag, which was a fantastic decision. For less than twenty dollars, you get three small aromatherapy roller balls, in scents called “Energy,” “Travel,” and “Sweet Dreams.” There’s something really comforting about a little aromatherapy when you’re trapped on a long plane flight, or feeling jet-lagged after your travels. This is also a perfect little gift for any of the hippie chicks in your life. Love it!

10. Aviva Pure Avocado Coconut Rosemary Hair Mask*

First, let me save your some dough and tell you that it’s WAY easier to just make your own avocado hair mask – all you need is coconut oil, and avocado, lemon, and if you want, a little honey or rosemary. Mash it up and slather it all over your head. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse.


Now, if you don’t want to do that, or don’t have time, then pick up the Aviva Pure Avocado Hair Mask and stick it in your shower. Use once per month, or whenever you feel like your locks need a pick me up. The cool thing about avocado hair masks is that they will make your hair feel really soft and look SO shiny! Especially in winter, when hair gets dull and dry, this is an awesome beauty indulgence that will have you feeling girly again.

So… that’s my list for this winter! What are your beauty faves for this season? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below xoxo

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