30 before 30

30 before 30
I turn twenty-nine and a half this month, on April 11 – in one week, to be exact. Which means I have one hundred and eighty seven days until my thirtieth birthday. 
I am married (quite happily) and have no children yet. I have built a company and a lifestyle that I love and for that I am deeply grateful. As I approach this milestone birthday (187 days from now), I am thinking about how many amazing experiences I have had so far, and how many are still ahead of me.
In no particular order, the following is a list of thirty experiences I would like to have before my thirtieth birthday. Most of them will be new to me… some of them I just want to do again. I am hereby accepting volunteers to help me complete these experiences – will happily compensate with hugs and memories.
1. Kitesurf
2. Hang glide
3. Rock climb
4. Get barreled surfing (nope, it still hasn’t happened – still a barrel virgin)
5. Sail to Catalina
6. Master one epic choreographed dance
7. Make a raw cheesecake (strawberry, raspberry, yum yum yum)
8. Handstand. for 5 whole seconds.
9. Retreat to the redwoods (with women of nature – for a magical and mystical time of hiking, talking, and yoga-ing). Preferably sleep in a treehouse.
10. Scorpion Bay
11. Watch a sunrise from the water
12. Surf by moonlight
13. Lead a yoga workshop or retreat for tween & teen girls
14. Slow dance with my husband
15. Return to the ashram & reconnect with my yoga lineage.
16. Cliff jump (because it scares me)
17. Write more. Just for the sake of writing.
18. Paint more. Just for the joy of painting.
19. Take my mama on a special vacation.
20. Take my husband on a special surf trip. (Costa Rica in June baby!)
21. Trapeze
22. AcroYoga immersion

23. Publish an article that came from the heart.
24. Make a music video
25. Learn to play one song on guitar or uke.
26. Embrace. 1000 hugs (thats an average 5 per day, help me out here!)
27. Take a yoga class with my girl crush, Seane Corn.
28. Declutter. No more storage – just whatever we can fit on the boat.
29. Meditate. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or an hour, just sit.
30. Love myself. Daily.
I will never be as young as I am right this moment. With every breath, I vow to be thankful for the beauty, grace, and strength that I have in the now – and use it to live fully.
What’s your next milestone? How will you make the most of each moment until you get there?
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