Dream It, Do It 

Death twitches my ear.   “Live,” he says, “I am coming.”
So in 2013, after being inspired by another blogger, I decided to create a list of goals and dreams I aimed to accomplish before the end of 2014.  
The list sat in cyberspace, collecting cyber-dust, as I went out and lived – not according to a task list but according to my passions and dreams. 
The more life I experience, the more aware I become that our life is our creation. 

Anything you can dream, you can do.  

Our thoughts are real, and it is only a matter of choice to bring your wildest thoughts and dreams to life.
As I look back at this list, I am profoundly inspired. Did I accomplish it all? No. I still haven’t traveled to Australia, and the hang gliding trip is still at the top of my wish list! 

But some of these goals… Some of them I knocked out of the park. Surf 30 days straight? Check. 5,000 instagram followers? Ten times that. 500 hour teacher training, retreat to the ashram, meditate daily – boom. Done. Yes!

What amazes me most about this is that I didn’t look at the list. In fact, I haven’t looked at it since I posted it on my old blog wayyyyyyy back in October 2012.

I am so inspired by this realization.  Setting intentions, speaking them out or writing them down, it’s strong magic! When you set clear goals, the universe and all the powers in it conspire to help you achieve them. 

It looks like it’s time for a dream update! Stay tuned this week as I post a new Dream It, Do It List to accomplish before my 30th birthday. 30 big dreams in 6 months? Why not?!?

♥  2013/2014 Dream It & Do It   ♥

      1. Complete 500-hr yoga teacher training

      2. Hike to the top of a mountain, camp overnight and look at the stars

      3. Have a wedding

      4. Get barrelled surfing

      5. Surf for 30 days straight

      6. Win a writing contest

      7. Write 500 pages of book

      8. Enter & complete an adventure race (mud run, color run)

      9. Handstand with Hangtime

      10. Sail to Catalina

      11. Surf Point Loma

      12. Plan unique & amazing bachelorette weekend for sister

      13. Take a flight to somewhere I’ve never been

      14. Apply to SDSU (again)

      15. Paint a large painting (3x4ft)

      16. Sivananda ashram retreat & karma yoga

      17. Volunteer for Outdoor Outreach with kids

      18. SUP yoga- develop a sequence to share & teach

      19. Hang gliding lesson

      20. Learn to sew, sew one garment

      21. Be actively involved with SDSL events

      22. Meditate daily

      23. Run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less

      24. Finish Rosetta Stone Level 1: Spanish

      25. Find the best Sushi restaurant in San Diego

      26. Five thousand Instagram followers

      27. Travel to Australia

      28. Cliff jumping

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