On Commitment… Sort Of.

I am eating sweet potatoes and they are only halfway cooked. Oh the irony. Brent is the chef in this little family, but he’s at school learning to be the world’s best cinematographer, and I am here alone in this little boat, eating half cooked sweet potatoes and toying with this blog post.

So this week, I agreed to commit to writing a post a day for the blog. Why? I don’t have a good reason, really. A friend asked me to do it (you should go check out her blog Life By Jazz) and I agreed to because I figured it would give me some accountability for posting regularly. Great idea, right? Totally great idea. Except, for some odd reason, once I had committed to writing daily, all my stellar blog post concepts flew out of my brain and left me here with half cooked potatoes and no muse to speak of.

(By the way, it is incorrect grammar to end a sentence with a preposition.)

I know I am not alone in this strange phenomenon. Tell me I’m not alone! Once you commit to something, are you super motivated to stick with it? Is is perhaps my libra nature (notoriously indecisive) which causes me to feel so fickle, just after enthusiastically jumping into something with both feet?

I don’t know. So here I sit, contemplating my own ornery attitude and the worlds just keep spilling out onto the page.

I remember committing to my 30 days of surf, and of course day 2 was wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I managed to squeak that one out (the commitment, that is) but as you will read, there were days I didn’t want to do it.

Once I committed to the Atkins Diet. It was when I was nineteen and worked two jobs – both of them restaurants – one Italian, one Mexican. Talk about a terrible time of life to commit to a no-carb diet. Pretty sure I made it approximately thirty six hours before I felt a blind rage coming on and I ran to the kitchen and concocted the largest burrito you can imagine. Commitment issues.

And last fall I decided I wanted to do 100 days of stoke – sharing 100 days in a row of things that made me smile. Not sure how long I lasted on that one… but I think it was about a week. Or less.

The funny thing is that before I commit I’m usually pretty committed! But once I draw that mental line that I am obligated to do something, it’s like everything in me rebels and I just want to do the complete opposite of whatever I committed to.

Case in point: I decided to make a lovely dinner. I got about halfway through cooking the potatoes and decided I would rather be blogging instead.

And there you have it. Sort of.



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