Stoked Spotlight: Why We Love Blooming Lotus Jewelry

Wear your intention and be inspired to manifest your dreams.

Mala beads are becoming common trend in the western yogis style. These beautiful necklaces have deep significance and are intended to assist practitioners with the reciting of mantras.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry

A mala typically has 108 beads and the practitioner recites their mantra per bead, moving slowly until they reach the end, and then they flip the mala and do it again in reverse. This is a form of Japa meditation, which uses the repetition of a word or a set of sacred sounds to assist quieting the mind.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry

We recently fell in love with Blooming Lotus Jewelry, a company that hand makes mala necklaces and bracelets. They also create hand stamped pendants and you know we love this mermaid one!

We got in touch with Founder and Designer Jennifer Ciraulo to find out more about her treasures.

“Blooming Lotus Jewelry isn’t just a company that makes hand-knotted malas and yoga jewelry, rather, it is a lifestyle brand.”

Blooming Lotus is all about the free-spirited soul who loves to travel, do yoga, be in nature and walk her own path.

Blooming Lotus YogiToes Manduka

Jennifer provides simple guidance for the goal of her brand: Wear your intention and be inspired to manifest your dreams.

We all need to be reminded to step back and recognize what we are seeking.  As you wear your intention, you become one step closer to manifesting your dreams.  Whether you’re wearing a heart-healing mala or a hand-stamped mantra, be inspired to shift your attention, glance at your dreams and fire up your soul.  I hope by wearing my creations, I can inspire you to keep your mind focused on where your heart longs to be.

From personal experience I know she is right. Life is full of distractions that keep us from fulfilling our dreams. So often people forget their passions and goals and deem them unattainable, settling for a job or way of life that is easier to attain. Jennifer adds the advice from Marie Forleo:

“Start before you’re ready.”

You may never feel ready, but the decision to simply start is the greatest gift you can offer yourself.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry

We then asked Jennifer what five items get her stoked, what she can’t live without, and she said:

  • Travel, Travel, Travel!! I’m drawn to places and cultures unlike my own. My next big trip is India this fall. After that I’m manifesting Thailand.
  • Yoga and taking time for myself. It’s my time to slow down, quiet my mind and just be still.
  • Hiking and getting outdoors. I love exploring and connecting with nature. I have an obsession with lakes, huge mountains…anything that makes my jaw drop and be in awe of nature. There’s beauty everywhere and I have such an appreciation for it.
  • Laughter and quality time with loved ones. Balancing a business solo and making time for myself and others is difficult sometimes.
  • Green Juice and Vino because, hey, I love Green Juice and Vino!


Jaysea Devoe Blooming Lotus

Jaysea Devoe aka Seavibes Yoga

These are definitely all on my list too! Jennifer is authentic. She is creating a brand that gives back not only to the person receiving her jewelry, but also to various charities throughout the year. 5% of all sales support children battling cancer (Support the Kid for Cancer).  In addition, she also donates to The Autism Society of America among other charities.

Shopping small is an understatement when referring to Blooming Lotus Jewelry.  You’re supporting a one-woman business so it can’t get much smaller than that!  People think I have brand reps, a social media team, customer service department, a design team, etc…nope, it’s all me!
Jennifer is self taught and hand knots each mala. To shop her beautiful jewelry visit her website at We look forward to sharing her beautiful intentions with our upcoming Mermaid Yogis Mexico Retreat participants.
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