Putting the “Worthy” in Instagram Worthy

Instagram Worthy is a two hour digital intensive training on how to build your presence and community on Instagram to create growth in your business, brand, and sphere of influence. It’s more than a webinar: It’s a growth tool for heart centered entrepreneurs and aspiring influencers which aims to empower and inspire you to show up with your full authentic self online. For more info, visit beinstagramworthy.com.

Instagram Worthy.

What does it mean?

What comes to mind when you think of “worthiness?” For many of us, just upon being presented with the word “worthy,” we immediately hear a little voice inside which says “You’re not.” 

The little voice is lying to you.

There is power in word selection – for every word we choose, there are many other options which we discard. When building my digital seminar “Instagram Worthy,” I knew that the word choice might be triggering for some people – so much so that they might pass by the course entirely, because immediately they might think or feel that their life is NOT Instagram Worthy.

This sense of unworthiness can be attributed to all kinds of things: income, body image, career choice, education, relationship status, race, experience level, or where you currently feel like you are in the weird world of digital presence. 

I have something to share with you. Before you receive it, take a deep breath in. Fill your lungs all the way to the top – yes, right now – and hold there.

Breathe in a little more. Pause.

Now E X H A L E deeply. Sigh the breath out. 

Arrive in this moment.

Right here, right now…

You are worthy of being seen.

You are worthy of being heard. 

You are worthy of being known. 

You are worthy of being loved.

You are worthy of sharing your message.

You are worthy of building a tribe.

You are worthy of knowing your purpose.

You are worthy of growing your presence.

You are worthy of gaining a community. 

You are worthy of spreading your light.

You are worthy.

Instagram Worthy

How do I know?

I know because there is only one YOU. You were born into this life with unique gifts, a unique calling (or callings) which are perfectly suited not only to your strengths, but to your weaknesses. You are the exact right person to resonate with someone else who aligns with your purpose, message, and gifts. 

You not only are the perfectly imperfect person to reach someone else, but you are actually spiritually obligated to shine your light to these people – the ones who might still be in a dark place which you know all too well. 

Instagram Worthy isn’t about creating a picture perfect life: It’s about embracing the real, messy, authentic life you have and learning how to share it in a way that connects, inspires, informs, and engages people so that they start to let their light shine too.

Instagram Worthy is yoga. It’s not about you, it’s about the real people, in real life, waiting to hear the message that you have. It’s a recognition that we are all connected, and that we can serve each other in the digital landscape. It’s a declaration that you are going to be BOLD and BRAVE in trusting that you have value to offer the world, and then you are going to SHOW UP and share that value with people who really need it. 

Worthy, not perfect.

Instagram Worthy

I’m not perfect. My life is not perfect. My Instagram is not perfect. I feel called and compelled to share this course with you – despite “only” having fifty eight thousand (omg are you kidding me that’s amazing) “followers” – who I prefer to consider friends. I am compelled to this because sharing my authentic self – along with my struggles with body image, addiction, faith and doubt, parenting, running a business, knowing myself – sharing these things in a little square box has blessed my life in unimaginable ways. 

It’s brought me deep friendships, expanded creativity, business relationships, and a community of people who see what I share and hear a different little voice – not in their heads, but in their hearts – a voice which says, “me, too.”

I’ve heard some feedback that the name “Instagram Worthy” might make people feel less than. That it might trigger a thought in your mind where you feel like you don’t deserve to have attention, a platform, or a place to shine your light. 

Move from the place in your mind. Leave there, travel down to your heart. Get quiet, be still, and ask yourself: 

Who am I to share my knowledge, skills, value, and love with a digital community?

Who am I to be worthy of sharing my message?

Who am I?

You are the one who has walked through hardship and come out stronger.

You are the one who has looked fear in the face and done it anyway.

You are the one who has built something with your own two hands.

You are the one who has felt blackness in your heart but learned to love instead.

You are the one who has been touched by another’s message and felt it’s impact.

You are the one someone is waiting for.

Instagram Worthy


I hope you’ll join me to explore the possibilities that are waiting for you on the other side of fear, doubt, or insecurity. Take this opportunity to examine the value you have to offer the world and gain concrete tools for sharing it in a more powerful way. 

You are the one someone is waiting for – and because of that, you, my friend, are totally Instagram Worthy.

Learn more about this program here, and leave me a comment of your Instagram and what message you want to share with the world!

Connect with me on IG @Stoked_Yogi. Let’s support each other. We can’t do it alone.

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