Dark Side of the Moon

Breathe… breathe in the air.

deck @ Riff's

deck @ Riff’s

I am buzzing, humming, and vibrating with lunar light… My hips and heart feel open and I am steeped in santosha.  This evening I had the privilege of being guided in an aligning and inspiring yoga class with Shannon Purves at Riffs Acoustic in La Jolla.

amazing yoga teacher Shannon

amazing yoga teacher Shannon

Surrounded by lush foliage, embraced by the warm glow of white lights and candles, I set forth on a cosmic journey uniting breath, body, mind.  The destination of this cosmic journey?


dark side of the moon

The Dark Side of the Moon.


Riding the waves of breath and abandoning ourselves to the heartbeat of the drum,  my fellow yogis and I were led thorough a beautiful practice of pranayama, asana, and totally beyond savasana ~ all set to live acoustic Pink Floyd by Russell Ramo and friends.  With vocals that moved through me, guitar stripping layers of my mind, a bassist with funk in his soul, and a drummer who matched the beat of my heart… Blown away.  That’s the only way to describe it.

before the journey...

before the journey…

When I was young, my dad would put on Dark Side of the Moon, turn off all the lights, and turn two of the box speakers in the living room face down on the floor.  As we lay together in the dark listening to Pink Floyd, my dad would tell us to just feel the vibrations as they moved through our bodies.

I definitely felt the vibrations tonight.  Thanks, Dad.  Thank You, Shannon & the magnificent musicians who shared in the vibrations.  You guys rocked.

To visit Riff’s Acoustic in La Jolla, click here.

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