Day 5 #MermaidYogis: High Plank

We’ve got lots of options for day 5 of #MermaidYogis. High Plank is one of those great poses that gives us lots of room for adding challenge or simplifying for less heat. The video demonstration on Instagram today shows a moderate intensity core workout – high plank toe taps. High Plank Variations


High Plank Variations (in order of intensity)

  1. Drop knees. Start in the top of a push up position, but drop the knees. Wrists are stacked beneath shoulders and there is one line from crown of the head to the knees. Engage the low belly.
  2. Classic plank. Tuck the toes and straighten legs to the top of a push up, wrists beneath shoulders and heels above toes. Firm the low belly and breathe deeply.
  3. One leg plank. From push up position, lift on leg up towards sky behind you. Keep a straight line from crown of head to heels.
  4. One leg toe taps. From step 3, exhale and sweep toes to the side, tap the ground. Inhale to re-extend, exhale out and tap. Repeat five to ten times.
  5. Variety! Add intensity by trying this on an elevated surface, or get creative with toe dips in the water during paddle board yoga!

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