Day 7 #MermaidYogis: Side Plank Variations

I sure hope you guys have been enjoying week one of the #MermaidYogis challenge – I’m amazed at the variety of yogis we have practicing along this time! It seems like there’s something for all levels, and today is no exception. Day 7 of #MermaidYogis is any side plank variation that calls to you.

My instagram video today shows a forearm side plank with hip lifts – a little number I picked up from my sweet friend Leda at Fluid SUP – which is one of my favorite sneaky core workouts! (Stay tuned, Leda & I are cooking up a super hot sculpt challenge for September!)

Forearm Side Plank

Side Plank Variations:

  1. Modified Side Plank. From high plank, drop right knee to the earth. Rotate the left heel to the ground and support yourself on the right palm, wrist beneath the shoulder. Lift your hips and reach the left hand towards the sky.
  2. Side Plank. From high plank, rotate to the outer edge of right foot, stacking the left foot on top of right. Support yourself on the right palm, lift the hips and sweep left fingertips skyward.
  3. Forearm Side Plank. From high plank, lower to forearms. Bring right fingertips to left elbow and rotate to outer edge of right foot, stacking left foot on top. Inhale, lift the hips and bring left hand to left hip or skyward.
  4. Variety! Add hip lifts (pulses) or rock from side to side in forearm side plank to mix up your core workout.

Practice days 1-7 together to get a great core workout and build heat to move into more challenging inversions later in the flow. Want to practice with me? Head over to YouTube for weekly tutorial flows.

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