#MermaidYogis Day 10: Wild Thing

Day 10 of #MermaidYogis is wild thing – a beautiful heart opener and one of my personal favorite poses.

Wild ThingWild Thing:

  1. From seated staff pose: Bend your right knee and place sole of foot on floor. Point left toes. Plant left hand behind you and lift hips, sweeping right arm up and overhead. Hold for five breaths, then release
  2. From downward dog. Inhale, extend right leg towards sky. Exhale, bend the knee and allow right foot to drop towards earth on left side of the body. Continue supporting yourself on left hand, flip your body over and sweep right arm in line with right ear. Hold for five breaths, then flip back to three legged dog.

Other ideas of how to enter wild thing? I’d love to hear them! Connect with me on Instagram or YouTube for video tutorials.


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