#MermaidYogis Day 12: Mermaid Pose

What kind of #MermaidYogis challenge would this be without a few variations of mermaid pose? Before you go diving all Ariel-style into this backbending hip opener, please take your time and warm up with at least five or six rounds of sun salutations, and a nice juicy minute or two in pigeon or sleeping pigeon. Use a strap if the idea of grabbing your foot just seems like madness, and remember that there are many ways to access this pose, and you do not have to bind if your body is not ready.

Mermaid Pose


Mermaid Pose:

  1. From half pigeon with right knee forward: support yourself with your right hand – place it outside the right knee or directly in front of you on the mat. Bend the left knee and sweep your left hand back, reaching for the instep of the left foot. If you can’t easily reach, loop a strap around your toes and hold the strap.
  2. Got your foot? Easy peasy? When you’re ready, bend your left knee further and draw your left foot into left elbow crease. Stay here and breathe.
  3. Ready to bind? Inhale and sweep your right arm up to the sky, then exhale to bend the right elbow and reach behind you to clasp hands.
  4. Want more? Deepen your expression by moving into king pigeon, flipping your grip and holding the back foot with a strap or both hands.

Please be gentle with yourself in this pose – remember that yoga is not a competition, but an expression of our inner connection with the breath. Take your time, and remember that yoga should never hurt.

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