#MermaidYogis Day 13: Sugar Cane Pose

Hellooooo, hamstrings! Day 13 of #MermaidYogis is sugar cane pose, ardha chandra chapasana. It can look intimidating, but with a wall and a strap, there’s nothing we can’t do! Make sure that you warm the body before working on this posture. Sun salutations are our friends.

Sugar Cane Pose


Sugar Cane Pose:

  1. Modified with block, wall, and strap. From standing: place your block in front of you on the mat and slightly to the right. Create a loop with your strap, about the length of your hand to elbow. Stand on the right foot and bend your left knee, bringing your left foot towards left buttock. Hook the strap around your left foot and hold on with left hand- if you need assistance in balancing, reach your right arm out to the wall for support. Inhale deeply. Exhale, kick your left foot into the strap and hinge forward from the hips.Walk your right hand down the wall until you can place it on a block. Continue extending through the left foot. Breathe deeply.
  2. Full expression. From standing: Bend the left knee, reaching heel to buttock. Grab hold of the left foot with your left hand. Reach your right arm up and overhead. Inhale deeply. Exhale, extend into dancers pose, then continue leaning forward until your right arm reaches a block or the floor. Keep extending through the bound foot.

This one can be quite challenging so please take your time and listen to your body! For video tutorial, visit us on YouTube.

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