#MermaidYogis Day 15: Dancer’s Pose

Dancer’s pose captures the grace and power of Nataraj, an incarnation of Shiva as the cosmic dancer. Find strength, flexibility, and steadiness in this balancing backbend. If you’re unsure about grabbing your foot, use a strap and a wall to access this pose.

Dancer's Pose


Dancer’s Pose:

  1. Modified dancer’s pose with strap and wall. Make a small loop with your strap just the right size to slip your foot into. Secure the strap around your right foot, and hold the tail of the strap in your right hand, thumb facing outwards. Inhale and reach left arm up overhead. Exhale, kick into the strap as you hinge forward at the hips. Use the wall for support as needed.
  2. Dancer’s Pose: From standing, bend the right knee and bring heel to right buttock. Reach with right hand to take hold of the inside of the right foot. Inhale, reach left arm up and overhead. Exhale, kick your foot into your hand as you hinge forward at the hips. Keep your torso upright as you continue to extend through the back leg.

Want more guidance and options? Follow along on YouTube for detailed video tutorials.

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