#MermaidYogis Day 17: Standing Backbend

This simple standing backbend can be practiced on your feet, or on your knees. You can make it dynamic, inhaling to reach up, and exhaling to arch back and draw elbows to the earth – we call these “whale spouts.”

Standing Backbend


Standing Backbend:

  1. Stand or kneel with feet hip distance apart or slightly narrower.
  2. Inhale and reach arms to sky.
  3. Exhale, lift the heart and draw elbows towards the earth. Keep neck in line with spine.
  4. Flow with the breath, or hold for three to five deep breaths.
  5. Inhale to return to upward salute, exhale to release hands by your sides.

Want to see the dynamic version? Head on over to the Stoked Yogi YouTube for a video tutorial, or follow along on Instagram for the 15 second shorts.

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