#MermaidYogis Day 20: Childs Pose

Oooooh yes! Child’s pose. Not much to explain here, except how delish it is. Let day 20 of #MermaidYogis give you a little respite after some major backbending, and invite you to equalize before wrapping up the challenge with a week of inversions!

Childs Pose Prayer Hands


Childs Pose:

  1. Begin kneeling. Draw your knees wide and big toes to touch.
  2. Send hips back to rest on heels, and extend arms long in front of you.
  3. Forehead may rest on the earth, or one one or two stacked fists.
  4. Let your hips and forehead be heavy, relax the back of the neck, and focus on your breath.
  5. Stay here for as long as you like.

It feel so good. Nothing quite like a childs pose to calm the nervous system and leave us feeling safe, secure, and relaxed. Check in on Instagram for daily video shorts, or visit the Stoked Yogi YouTube for weekly video tutorials.

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