#MermaidYogis Day 28 Stag Leg Inversion

For the last active inversion of the #MermaidYogis challenge, we invite you to take any stag leg variation of your inversion of choice! You can explore this fun leg variation in headstand, forearm stand, or handstand. Stag legs refers to bending the knees while upside down. It’s fun to make pretty shapes, and can be a great core workout as well. When you’re first learning to invert, using the stag variation can help with the action of drawing ribs to hips.

Stag Inversion

Stag Leg Inversion

  1. Set up for your preferred inversion – headstand, forearm stand, handstand.
  2. After entering the inversion, draw one knee in towards your chest. This is single stag.
  3. You can “double stag” by dropping the back foot, bending both knees (but stagger them) and pointing the toes.
  4. Have fun and play with this! A video tutorial will be more helpful, so come visit me on Instagram or YouTube to check that out.


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