#MermaidYogis Day 9: Dolphin Pose

The rad thing about dophin pose is it’s nature as a triple threat yoga pose: it’s primary functions? Strengthening the shoulders and abdominals while stretching the hamstrings. It’s an awesome prep pose for both supported headstand and forearm stand.

Dolphin Pose


Dolphin Pose:

  1. Start in forearm plank. Clasp hands in front of you. Inhale deeply.
  2. Exhale and start walking your toes towards your face. Try to get hips over shoulders
  3. Breathe deeply and keep shoulders over elbows.
  4. Variety! Try lifting one leg at a time as a prep for forearm stand.
  5. Support! Try putting a strap around your upper arms to keep them the correct distance apart.

For the whole flow, follow along with the #MermaidYogis challenge on Instagram, or connect with us on YouTube for detailed video tutorials each week.

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