#MermaidYogis Day 26 Handstand Prep

Ready to work towards handstand? Yes? Great! Today’s pose, handstand prep with the wall, will help us build strength in the upper body and find the core engagement we need to stay up in a handstand.

Not ready at all? That’s ok too! Feel free to flip this pose upside down, and take a seated staff pose with arms extended overhead. Work on keeping feet flexed, low belly engaged, and you can even hold up a block to work on your upper body strength.


Handstand PrepHandstand Prep (with wall)

  1. First, make sure you have a wall available, and clear the space around where you’ll be practicing, just in case you fall.
  2. Sit facing the wall with your legs extended straight out in front of you, feet pressing on the wall. Place your hands palms down next to your hips. This is the correct distance for your hands to be when you get upside down. Mark the spot, and then stand up and place your hands palms down in the same location, shoulder distance apart, this time with fingers pointing away from the wall.
  3. Place one foot on the wall behind you. Press into the wall to get leverage, and bring the other foot behind you to meet it.
  4. Your hips should be stacked directly over your shoulders, which are over your hands. Keep your gaze between your thumbs and breathe deeply.
  5. If you feel ready to go further, extend one leg up towards the sky and point the toes. Engage the low belly and draw ribs towards hips. Perhaps both legs can come away from the wall? Or alternate with leg raises.
  6. When you’re ready to come down, try to avoid collapse. Sweep one leg away from the wall, and come down carefully and with intention.



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